Algae PhotoBioReactor

I’m interested in all things alternative fuel, and energy. So I’m looking at solutions for creating Biofuel or biodiesel from things like used restaurant cooking oil, to using virgin oils from plants like the jatropha, or Algae Oil and I came across a solution for processing algae into lubrication oil.

Urban Algae has invented an Algae PhotoBioReactor using commonly available surplus parts.

Urban Algae’s low-cost, high-yield photobioreactors, or Algae Pods (a-pod) are recycled industrial totes re-engineered into high-efficiency, high-yield algae photobioreactors.

Algae can be farmed and converted to fuel or lubricants, and even food. Urban Algae is leading the way to actualizing cost effective farming of algae using their low-cost, high-yield photobioreactors.

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