Bicycle Chain Lube

I have a garage full of bicycles, both road bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes, and even a crazy vintage observed trials bicycle. I also have two motorcycles with chain drives.

Cleaning and lubing bike chains is a pain in the neck. The lube, or oil, or grease or wax it’s sometimes called is usually smelly, toxic and impossible to get off of clothes and other bicycle parts other than the chain.

So I looked around to see if there were any alternative Eco friendly, non-toxic plant based, and biodegradable bike chain lube or lubricants available on the market. I found one made in collaboration with the biodiesel producer Sirona Fuels. Skip-to-Renew is a start-up company producing industrial lubricants, oils, and greases. Re:cyclist Bike Chain Lube.™ is Skip-to-Renew’s first product designed to be non-polluting, biodegradable, vegetable oil based lube, easy to use, and a truly a super lubricant.

Sirona Fuels, Inc is a San Francisco Bay Biodiesel production Facility in Oakland, CA. Sirona produces its Biofuel from used cooking oil collected from local restaurants. The Biodiesel is produced locally in Northern California and sold to consumers, fleets and industry in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, the SF Bay, and general Bay Area.

Sirona is producing jotropha and algae based lubricants for bike chain oil, grease and hydraulic fluid.
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Skip-to-Renew is partners with Urban Algae, a San Francisco Bay Area company specializing in producing and researching Algae Oil. Urban Algae has invented a unique cost effective Algae PhotoBioReactor using inexpensive used industrial totes they call A-Pods or Algae Pods.

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