Air Rifle Tuning

I am getting ready to purchase a new air rifle. And I’ve made the decision that it’s going to be an Industry Brand QB78 hand picked and tuned by Mike Melick of Flying Dragon Air Rifles. He’s the man to go to with tuning of these rifles, to get the absolute maximum in power, accuracy and smoothness. There are other dealers who sell these rifles but NONE offer the level of tuning that Mike Melick offers. Other dealers will take the rifle out of the box, offer a once over, and perhaps shoot a few pellets through it and give you the target, and call it tuned.

Mike Melick of Flying Dragon Air Rifles goes further in his QB78, QB79, and AR2078 family of Air Guns.

A Basic Tune of the QB78, QB79 and AR2078, if needed includes:

1. Remove airgun from box, and check for any damage
2. Dissemble each air rifle and clean the barrel using an Otis Pull Through Bore Cleaner.
3. Align the QB78, QB79, AR2078 barrel port and the port in the receiver.
4. Polish the AirGun Bolt, Bolt Probe Extension, Inside of Receiver, and check all for smooth operation.
5. Smooth and Polish the QB Receiver Slots
6. Polish Air Rifle Hammer and Cocking Block for smoothness.
7. Deburr Gas Tube Slots in the rifle.
8. Inlet is opened on the Valve Assembly.
9. Piercing Pin is re-pointed.
10. Reduce diameter of piercing head to the outer diameter of the spring.
11. If needed barrel is re-crowned.
12. Check for accuracy.
13. Trigger taken apart, and polished, lubed, and checked for trigger pull, and smoothness.
14 Install new Trigger spring.

After all these checks, polishing, and adjusting and tuning, the air rifle is packed up and shipped to you.

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