San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley and Oakland Biodiesel

Truck is happy running B100 ASTM biodiesel from Sirona Fuels in the East Bay. I’ve been running Biodiesel fuel in my Cummins powered truck for over two years now, and none of the few horror stories I’ve heard have come true. True my first few fuel filters clogged up as the biofuel worked its powerful solvent through the fuel tank, fuel lines, mechanical lift pump, injection pump, and injectors. B99 BioDiesel is going to clean everything, and since your filter is the last thing inline before your fuel injection pump, all the crud the B99 dislodges is going to end up in the filter. Run Biodiesel for a few months and your engine is sure to run better and cleaner.

A few months ago, being the curious fellow that I am, I dropped the Dodges fuel tank to take a look see. It was clean as a whistle. Rubbing my hands inside the tank transferred no nasty gunk to my skin. I recall Fossil Fuel Diesel being dirty, smelt and leaving a nasty layer of tar or asphaltum on my hands when the truck had only seen Dino diesel.