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I run Bio Diesel or Biodiesel in my 97 Dodge Ram truck with a Cummins Turbo Diesel. The truck loves the stuff. The engine runs quieter, has just as much power as usual, and the exhaust smells like french fries or whatever was fried in the original used cooking oil processed into the biofuel.

It can be quite challenging however to find biodiesel to buy in the bay area. Northern California has a zillion or so gas and dino diesel gas stations but very few fueling stations that have biodiesel.

But I discovered the source of most of the biodiesel in the sfbay area. Sirona Fuels. Sirona Fuels is the only local commercial biodiesel producer in the San Francisco Bay Area, and they sell to most of the local biofuel stations that offer Biodiesel.

Sirona Fuels will gather, collect and recycle used fats, oil and grease from restaurants, fast food joints, food industry and consumers for free. They filter it, dry it, and process it into beyond or better than ASTM standards confirmed by an independent lab. You can go to the production plant, ask to see the paperwork on that batch of biodiesel fuel you are about to pump into your diesel car or truck, and see how it scored.

In the past restaurants paid for cooking oil disposal, or some workers dumped used grease down the drain. This is very hard on the city sewage system and pipes, and now restaurants pay fines for clogging up the pipes. These days you can recycle your used cooking oil instead of disposing of it.
And I understand that Sirona Fuels provides free pickup or collection of used cooking oil, fats, grease, tallow, lard, bacon fat or what is known as yellow grease. This all gets converted to biofuel to be used in diesel cars and trucks instead of the rendering industry standard of using it for animal food in feedlots. Something that is now unfit for human consumption being used to feed animals that humans will eat, makes no sense to me. Got Grease? Call Sirona for a free pickup of your used cooking oil.

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I love the way my truck smells when I’m burning 100% BioDiesel. It’s a pleasure to work on the fuel components as compared to when I’m running Fossil Fuel Diesel. And I’m polluting less, and feel good about using recycled cooking oil, fat and grease. Sometimes I contemplate squeezing a little bacon fat in my biodiesel just to make the truck smell even better.

Many folks in the NorCal area fry up Turkeys over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, and very often are looking for a way of safely disposing of their used Turkey fry oil. Instead of disposing of this turkey grease, many folks donate their used cooking oil to Sirona. Contact Sirona for a convenient drop off in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley etc. It’s good for the environment, and good for the landfills and sewer system and makes you feel good when you smell french fries coming from someone’s diesel exhaust.

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